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Red Opel concept by koleos33
Red Opel concept
After a pretty long time I decided to sketch something new.Yes another problem why I didn't sketch was malfunction on my older graphic tablet genius m506a.My budget is not big,so I bought me an older Wacom Bamboo one M version.At first I wasn't satisfied with my new wacom graphic tablet,but now I've got use to it.Here is my latest car sketch created with sketchbook pro 8.I'm pretty rusty with sketching,but it looks pretty nice.To get in to shape much quickly, I went to site,watched videos from youtube from Scott Robertson,Marouane Bembli,and from many other great concept artists.They are always good to watch if you need an inspiration for sketching and rendering with digital or with analog tools.Enjoy my work,even it's just a practice after a long time.
As a 2d/3d selftaught artist I’d like to encourage future designers with my story.For design education I didn’t have money when I was teenager,so this stayed for me just as a hobbie.I had to finish some school even I didn’t like it,but it had some connection with my passion for cars,so I finished secondary school for car mechanic.School lasted 3 years and I saw I’m not for it and there is no passion for me like for design I have.When I finished that school I promissed to myself that I will continue with chasing my real dreams.When you finish school you must find a job and work,so I worked mostly on seasonal agricultural heavy works or with carpenters.I wasn’t very confident back then,so most of the people didn’t encouraged me in my design path and some of them still don’t.My passion for design moved me and I was very persistent and determined to continue with my mission.Yes without school it was very hard,back then I didn’t have internet,there was no books about design in my country.Sometimes there were some documentaries on tv about design,or b&w car design illustrations in car magazines.These were my only sources for inspiration.Also I was inspired with works created by ID students,which was showed on car show,which happends only once in a year.Back then there were popular pastels,markers and airbrush.So I bought me,a layout,some kind of markers,pastels and started to imitate what I saw and thought designers do.For me it was very fun,even it was bad,but for me I was the best.Today I know I had no clue what I was doing,when I watch on youtube and some blogs.This analog mania didn’t last to long,cause without proper education there was no progress in my work.Without knowing fundamentals like perspective,proportion,form,etc,my drawings looked awful even I had original ideas.Without proper guidance,I was lost.Then I thought I could be better in presenting my ideas,if I buy me a computer and start to create 3d models.So it was new and even harder challenge for me.Fortunately I could buy a book about 3d modeling,so I progressed much faster.From the other hand I wanted to know a lot,so I had gaps in my learned skills.I wanted to learn,modeling,rendering,particles,animation,so I spreaded out a lot and I lost a lot of years.When I got me internet connection and opennned my mind ,I learned I must focus on one branch first and master it.So I focused myself on 3d modeling with some rendering and lighting technics.Then I decided to try with another 3d software,because they constantly updated it and I was curious.It was and still is blender 3d software,everything what I learned from 3ds max I tried to use in blender3d 2.35 version was then.In blender there is one a must learn rule,one hand on mouse and second on keyboard shortcuts,this rule created speed in my workflow.It took me a lot to memorize all of this,but today I’m creating my 3d models and sell them on online 3d markets.Thanks to my 3d modeling skills,I also could invest in graphic tablet and CAD software moi3d,which I’ve got from my clients instead of money.My CAD software is somewhat like rhinoceros lite version.I used rhinoceros 3d,when I worked as graphic and industrial packaging designer for one year.When I saw that different aproach of creating very accurate and beautiful 3d forms with NURBS modeling,I promissed to myself I will buy something like this someday,so I told to my client to buy me moi3d software.And yes I had polygonal and cad skills,but there was no progress in my designs.After learning all of the 3d modeling stuff,I decided to start to learn sketching with graphic tablet and to learn my favorite sketching software Sketchbook pro.I like realistic 3d models,but I always admired to 2d illustrations created by industrial designers with markers,airbrush,photoshop or with sketchbook pro software.It took me about a month to learn to watch at screen and to pull my digital pen on my desk.It was fun,there was some progress,but something was missing.So I went to youtube to check it out some videos about industrial design sketching,then I found idcreatures,Scott Robertson,Sycra and other video tutorials from many great concept artists.I saw what was missing in my skills,and that was design and art fundamentals.I started to learn that with open mind,because when I was to confident and listened to myself there was no progress a lot.I learned that on very hard way. I think design students are blessed because they’ve got the chance to study about what they are passioned about.So when ever you think about quiting your dream journey,remember what you can loose by quiting it.From the other hand today I’m more mature now,I have more experience good and bad,so maybe when I was teenager and had the opportunity to study industrial design maybe those perspective drawings and all the analog stuff would be borring for me too.When I was younger I also had more nerves for smaller details,today I’m passioned more when creating main body forms,otherwise I tend to procrastinate.Never stop learning and practicing your design skills.Learn new software skills,if you get in to routined job or you need to refresh your creativity.I believe there will be always something new to learn about design,which will always spark your imagination,even when you getting older.I hope so my story will encourage future design students to continue with chasing and realizing their dreams even sometimes during their study there will be hard times or it will be borring to continue with it.For other self  taught artists like me,my message is to use the internet to learn about what ever you passioned about.Be patient,determined and persistent and never give up from your dreams.
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Itanox futuristic concept vehicle by koleos33
Itanox futuristic concept vehicle
3d rendering of my own futuristic car concept.Model was designed and created with blender 3d 2.76 version.It was created for the purpose of one marketing agency last year,but also as possible real car prototype.There were my other car proposals,but client at the end abandoned the project.Design created  similar to my side view sketch I made it first on paper,which was my starting point.I made some changes during the modeling.and created changes in design,until it was pleasing enough to my eyes.Yes if you pay attention closely you can see some design elements from real concept cars,you could wright me in comments from which car I could took it, if you like.Renderings were created with cycles rendering engine.Enjoy my cool concept.

If you need this 3d model for your 3d projects and for other stuff you could check this 3d model on link below.Also on link below you can see renderings from many other views…
Etlis coupe concept by koleos33
Etlis coupe concept
After a long time I decided to sketch something with sketchbook pro 7 and my graphic tablet.I have some problems with my right hand wrist(carpal tunnel),so I can't force myself to much.I'm focusing mostly where are my sources for earnings and for me it is creating 3d models and 3d animations for online 3d and footage stocks.Sometimes I have the urge to do something different and creative to brake routined job and to recharge my creative soul.So here it is my latest concept car sketch,I hope so you will like it.Enjoy my work.
Red city car concept by koleos33
Red city car concept
Yesterday I've found an interesting and inspirative blog for me.There are free downloadable files with many car sketches from pro designers.There are also step by step pro tutorials(payed) on how to sketch a car.So today I tried to start with colors and see what will come out of it.When I've finished most of the car,I experimented with color dodge layer effect with gradient background.Now I think I have more and more confidence to start my skteches with colors and I will keep experimenting.If you like check car design blog I've found on link below.My sketch was created with Sketchbook pro 7 version.Enjoy…


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm designer amateur.I like to design both in 2d graphic and 3d.My themes are mostly futuristic(cars).Everything what I learned about design softwares,learned from books,software help and online tuts.And of course many of hours infront of my PC.Never finished school for design,because had no money for the education.Was accepted by Coventry University and Academy of Art, San Francisko 4 years ago.For Automotive design courses.Money problem stopped me.That didn't stopped me to work as professional 1 year as graphic and industrial packaging designer.During that period I learned a lot about design.I still hopping that dream will continue,or go to higher level.The time will show my new achievements.Without creative ideas I would be like an empty shell.Right now I'v focused on 3dmodeling and rendering skills.Enjoy in my gallery.

Current Residence: Serbia
Favourite genre of music: progressive,melodic trance
Favourite style of art: futuristic design,organic industrial design
Operating System: win XP

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I'm in my mid-40's and still wonder what I want to do in life. It makes me quiver knowing I may have more yesterdays than tomorrows, so I try to live my life every day as though it were the last. :eager:
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