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Red city car concept by koleos33
Red city car concept
Yesterday I've found an interesting and inspirative blog for me.There are free downloadable files with many car sketches from pro designers.There are also step by step pro tutorials(payed) on how to sketch a car.So today I tried to start with colors and see what will come out of it.When I've finished most of the car,I experimented with color dodge layer effect with gradient background.Now I think I have more and more confidence to start my skteches with colors and I will keep experimenting.If you like check car design blog I've found on link below.My sketch was created with Sketchbook pro 7 version.Enjoy…
Today I decided to show you how I started with my car 3d modeling,sketching selftaught learning 12 years ago.Before I bought computer I sketched a lot,but I also played basketball,soccer and volleyball everyday and I'm playing basketball even today,in my spare time.So I could say I'm half geek,with competitive and creative side.Before I bought me a computer and that it was when I was 25 years old,I worked hard on seasonal jobs in agricultural industry,with carpenters too.Thanks to the earnings from jobs I didn't like,I could invest in the equipment I need, in "second hand computer" back then.There was no other way to get it,today it is different and sometimes I envy to nowdays youth.First because it was expensive,second parents wouldn't buy me because back then my parents thought it is just for playing game and for watching movies,and not for earning money.I have to admit the main trigger for me to start with my passion for drawing futuristic cars was "Back to the future part 2" movie by Robert Zemeckis,when I was a teenager.Then I thought the future of the year 2015 will be like in a movie,but unfortenately it's just a movie fantasy.I sketched cars from b&w illustrations from car magazines,from scifi movies and from carshows on TV.Those were my only sources for my inspiration.No internet no computer back then,just paper,ballpen,pencil,crayons,etc.From the other hand that movie pushed me to try to create my own better future,and for now at least I think I'm on good path.On link below you can see from bottom to top how I progressed with my computer graphics skills.I must admit I improved myself last 5 years,when I started to learn more about other elements of the design and particularly about design and art fundamentals.I also bombarded my brain with other creative stuff,like 3d animation,creating special effects,product design skills,which don't have to many relations with car design.Because I had no proper design education,and no internet, it was very hard for me at the start.I remember when I installed 3d software I learned it by openning the icons,and then I watched what will come out of it.After that heavy start,I started to use help and user references,bought a book and tried to learn about every tool.The problem was that I spreaded a lot on many branches of 3d graphics(3d animation,rendering,special fx,etc),because of my curiosity.I wanted to create scifi movies,wormholes,particle simulations,physics sims,etc.At start I learned 12 hours everyday,cause I didn't get results when I learned less.Also I learned heavy stuff,and pushed my brain out of it's limits back then.When I trained my brain to memorize more and more datas,then the real learning and progress started.There were up and downs,which sometimes gave me the wings,and sometimes pushed me away from my passion.All in all what didn't killed me it made me stronger.After all It wouldn't be possible without total dedication,persistence and without my and others people faith in my work.I hope so you will get the will and dedication to chase your dreams,after you read this journal and see my humble and funny beginnings.…
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: chillout and ambient music
  • Drinking: energy drink
Latest coupe sketch by koleos33
Latest coupe sketch
I invested some money in online tutorials on and I'm watching tutorials every day.I watched tutorials on how to paint digitally with photoshop and with sketchbook pro,but mostly photoshop,because there are more tutorials.Today I tried to sketch something with sketchbook pro 7 ,to see what I have learned so far.I like the result,but I must admit I didn't have patience to work more on wheels.Maybe I will correct that in my spare time.Final image compositing was created with gimp.Anyway I hope so you will like it my work,even I'm pretty rusty with sketching.Enjoy my work
Evonios 2 cad WIP project by koleos33
Evonios 2 cad WIP project
After you saw my wild imagination with Eratros supercar(which creates many mixed emotions),I decided to show you something more simplified and more realistic in comparing to my previous entry.It is my CAD project created from my Evonios 3d model which was designed with blender3d last year I think.My cad software Moi3d is not for advanced and for complex modeling,so I don't have more advanced tools like fillet for complex shapes,or match surface tool.My way for creating this model is to create patch by patch with network and with sweep tool.Anyway the developer of Moi3d told me it is not the aim of his software,it is more for simplier things,but maybe in the future there will be tools I need.I invested in it 4 years ago I think,and I'm giving my best to produce what I want,even often I have to simplify forms from my blender3d models.Design is still in WIP mode.Soon I will try to the same with my crazy Eratros supercar project.It will be a big challenge for me,but that is my way to learn and to improve my 3d modeling skills.I've almost forgot,modeling was created with moi3d cad software,realistic rendering was created with Simlab Composer 2015 rendering software.Final image compositing with gimp.In advance thank you for your feedbacks and critics.Enjoy my design.

update: I changed some details,but I've also created fillets between the surfaces by cutting the shapes and by connecting them with lines.It is the only way,so I could avoid sharp edges.Please let me know what do you think.

If you like you could check more on link below.There you can see how i developed it and more views too.…

also you could watch on sketchfab online viewer on link below…


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm designer amateur.I like to design both in 2d graphic and 3d.My themes are mostly futuristic(cars).Everything what I learned about design softwares,learned from books,software help and online tuts.And of course many of hours infront of my PC.Never finished school for design,because had no money for the education.Was accepted by Coventry University and Academy of Art, San Francisko 4 years ago.For Automotive design courses.Money problem stopped me.That didn't stopped me to work as professional 1 year as graphic and industrial packaging designer.During that period I learned a lot about design.I still hopping that dream will continue,or go to higher level.The time will show my new achievements.Without creative ideas I would be like an empty shell.Right now I'v focused on 3dmodeling and rendering skills.Enjoy in my gallery.

Current Residence: Serbia
Favourite genre of music: progressive,melodic trance
Favourite style of art: futuristic design,organic industrial design
Operating System: win XP

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Thank you wayner8088 for your great support and for your prophecy.I also hope so,that it will happend someday,but for now I have to be realistic and keep and work on my 3d models,which I sell on online websites.3d modeling is my only secure source for earnings for now.Maybe in the years to come,car companies will notice my talent,but to many times I spreaded my wings,and flew high and then crashed hard to the ground.Even after that I don't give up,cause design is my passion.I'm closing to my 40s and I still believe in my dreams and have faith in me,but we shall see what future brings.:happybounce: 
wayner8088 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm in my mid-40's and still wonder what I want to do in life. It makes me quiver knowing I may have more yesterdays than tomorrows, so I try to live my life every day as though it were the last. :eager:
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